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cobble stone road
11 January 2008

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mark on Dragon's Breath
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on Dragon's Breath
exellent shot,great colours and details

Siepi on Tutubi sa Tabi
Craftmanship in a natural setting. Nice colours, well framed fragility of the dragonfly.

vins on World Pyrolympics 2008: Venezuela 2

Nan on Bestow
Ay, I like!

Cuentos on park bench
Nice picture. I like the perspective. Saludos, Mariana Thanks.

Cuentos on hallmark heart
I like this one. It is simple and magnetic. Saludos, Mariana C. Thanks.

Dizzy on he is the eggman
Haha, nice title!

Michael Skorulski on flutterby
wild and fun. Great!

rem_la on flutterby
joli papillon

Alexandros on flutterby
Indeed beautiful and exotic!

Jorge on hinog
Great shot. Yummy! Miss ko na mga mangga ng Zambales...

Jorge on aged

niña.kristine on heart on the sleeve
amazing shot. loved the contrast of the tatoo artist's rough and dirty hands against his smooth ...

dpm on she'll be comin' around the mountain
wonderful vivid colors

Nan on Make way!
Hmm, tingin ko lang yun. Kung ikukumpara sa isang block ng sculpted wood na to. Gusto ko rin na tagilid sya. May ...

Nan on Make way!
Gusto ko to kasi, maliban sa texture at sa mukhang nakangiting elepante, alam mong tuloy yung sculpted pattern lampas ...

fairuz on don't mess with my game

Nan on vacation mode
Subject abuse na yan, hahaha. Ako naman :P

Daroru on in-drive entertainment
Like the bright highlights and colour saturation.

fairuz on refill, please
superb touching

Drew on refill, please
Monochromatically sexy!

Helen on He's waiting.
Nice shot! I like the title too.

Nan on Bridge to Terabithia
San yon? What a Philistine of me.

Nan on La Margarita
Yehes. May mga epek nang nalalaman :P Sayang yung details ng salt grains/lemon slice though.

Nan on easy breezy
Yown. One of your bests. Sino to? ;))

M. Isabel on mango tart

Drew on leaf vs. metal
nice color and compo. and cool lighting.

Drew on RIP Pig
Miss ko na ang lechon!

Nan on words to live by
I like. May PP na, to no?

Bonj on the sun is a star
Nice perspective.

Sangram on warm embrace
lovely warm image

Nan on warm embrace
Warm lighting too. Tagaytay to no? I miss that place.

Nan on death by dessert
*drools* Oh, and may short photo class kami mamaya with Anton Sheker, hehe.

Tracey on aquariuses
I like sets of threes :0) I find the tube in the front distracting though.

Nan on freckled Mary
buryong like bulahaw + uligaga + bwisit

Nan on freckled Mary
Reminds of my "scary Mary." Nabuburyong na yan sa'yo :P

Satrajit on freckled Mary
Nice writeup......and the pic is beautiful though......the old stone statues always make for g8 pics

Garibaldi on MMDA plant
Incredible colours, cool marco!

Irwansyah Sk3tchw!nd on no, not me
not clear, keep trying

Melissa on playing peek-a-boo
Great expression. Great candid photo.

Will on bamboo chimes
great perspective:)

Judy on Dalida
How cute! It looks like you got down on the floor with the dog to take it's photo!

Nan on Dalida
name nya?

Laurie on Cougar
So cute! I love his expression! Nice doggie always looks so serious all the time.

Nante Santamaria on california lovin'
waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *chomp chomp chomp*

rajendra on hinog
gud effort.but it wud be better if it was shot hanging on tree

Nante Santamaria on patupat
ang lagkit :|

kostas on papaya

Cacophony on hilaw
I love the texture on the mangoes-- I can feel the stickyness just looking at them.

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